Sanford Outdoor: Digital Advertising Legacy

How It Started

The original Sanford Media Group was founded by Charles Sanford "Sandy" McKague in 1977 out of Barrie, Ontario. Throughout its active years, Sanford Media operated over 300 advertising displays such as Billboards (Poster Panels), Highway Superboards, Transit Shelters, Bus Benches, and Mall Units across Central Ontario. At that time, Sanford Media was the largest independent outdoor advertising operator in Canada. With Sandy passing away in 1990, his sons, Mike and Brian, dreamed of carrying on the family legacy.

In honour of Sandy, a decision was made in 2019 to resurrect the "Sanford" brand with a new focus on Digital Outdoor Displays. Sanford Outdoor was formed. We are a company that carries the same values Sandy always did. One that prides itself in providing tremendous value for our customers and is always giving back to the communities in which we serve.

Sanford Outdoor